Introducing 'The Joy Box' giving back a little at a time

Introducing 'The Joy Box' giving back a little at a time

Here at Little Box of Joy we are known for our curated gift boxes but we are always looking for ways that we can try and give back - this is where the idea for the 'Joy Box' came up... We know that people love our thoughtful gift boxes and wanted to try and spread a little joy through giving back to those who needed it most.

How it works - So, every once in a while we will open our 'Joy Box' nominations, we will let people know via our social media pages and our website and we just need you to do the rest. All we ask is that you nominate someone who you think deserves some joy, we have received some really thoughtful nominations so far... So, who would you gift a curated gift box too? Once the entries close we will pick a winner and work with the person who nominated them to create a bespoke gift box suited to their tastes and likes.

The nominations so far include best friends who are going through a tough time, a parent who is running around doing everything in their power to keep the household running smoothly, a mum to be who could really do with slowing down a little before the new bundle of joy arrives. The list goes on...

Here are some ideas to help you with your 'Joy Box' nominations...

1. Best Friend. Everybody needs a bestie in their life. It may be that you don't see them very often and want them to know you are thinking about them our selection of thoughtful gift boxes are the perfect way to do this.

2. Emergency services worker. Our NHS do a wonderful job and how lovely would it be to appreciate that person and send them a little thank you gift for all the hard work they do.

3. Bride to be. Do you know someone who is getting married soon and could do with a pamper gift before the big day arrives. We have a lovely range of products available that make a great wedding gift. You could be getting married yourself and want to treat your maid of honour or bridesmaid to a gift to show your appreciation. 

4. Mum to be or a new mum.. Lots of us will appreciate the time and energy that goes into creating and caring for a little human. Self-care for the new parent goes out the window and gets forgotten about as you spend most of your time gazing adoringly at your gorgeous little one.. Our 'Joy Box' could be the perfect reminder to take some time for themselves.

5. Someone you care about. Most of us know someone who is going through a tough time and a thoughtful gift box from you would hopefully put a smile on their face. 

So the rest is up to you, all you need to do now is send us your nominations and we will do the rest. This current giveaway is running until the end of August and all we ask if that the gift box is delivered to someone in the UK.

Little box of Joy - Helping to spread some joy a little bit at a time.


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