Little Box of Joy Update and World Mental Health Day.

Little Box of Joy Update and World Mental Health Day.

As today is World Mental Health Day I thought this was a perfect day as any to get this out into the world. As you can probably imagine my mental health has taken a bit of a beating since the below news… I realise I’ve not been very active on here lately so wanted to give you an idea of what’s been happening behind the scenes at little Box of Joy.

Rewind a year and in Sept 2021 out of the blue I was rushed into hospital after collapsing at work, numerous tests and scans later it was discovered that I had a lesion on my brain. Totally unexpected as had minimal symptoms. I’m a busy mum with a job and a business to run so I’d just put the tiredness down to that.

In October 2021 I had surgery to remove the majority, thankfully I made a pretty swift recovery and was out of hospital after 2 nights and recovering at home. In December (our busiest time of year) I underwent another brain related operation which meant finding and relying on little elves to send all your lovely thoughtful gift boxes out. Also known as my husband and family.

Fast forward to 2022 and I’ve just completed 5 rounds of chemotherapy and I’m about to start radiotherapy to the area, which I’m dreading. But I’ve come out of this feeling stronger and more aware of how I treat my body and my mind. I’ve learnt a lot in the last year about my condition and feel more in control of what’s going on…

If I could impart one piece of knowledge it would be that you know your body better than anyone else, if you feel that something is not quite right, please get it checked and advocate for yourself. It could just save your life. Time is precious and we never know how long we’ve got!

It’s been a long process and my Mental Health will never be what it once was but with the help and support of Family, Friends, therapists, the wonderful NHS and some additional help, things have improved. There are definitely less tears now… and bit by bit I’m rebuilding. Just after diagnosis I shared the following – Feel like I’ve been broken into a thousand pieces but as the days go on, I’m gradually starting to repair and bring myself back together – It’s been a long, difficult process but I gradually feel as though I am getting there. So wear the dress, give less thoughts to other peoples opinions and eat the cake.

It’s not all doom and gloom as we’ve just won an award for ‘Most thoughtful bespoke boxed gift’ in South Wales from the perfect gift awards, and we’re currently going through a rebrand to elevate your gifting even more. So exciting times ahead for us.

We’re delighted to have introduced some wonderful new British brands who share our ethos on giving back and being kinder to our planet. More on those coming soon with our supplier spotlight and an update on our charity partners going forward. Just wanted to give you a little update as we’ve been super quiet on here lately and now you know why. This isn’t a sympathy post and as above I’m feeling good, capable, incredibly grateful for the NHS and my family and friends and taking some time out was most definitely needed, but now I’m back and ready to roll.

Things I have found helpful in dealing with my Mental Health.

• A good friend or family member you can talk/unload to. If they are impartial even better as sometimes it feels like you are burdening your family when you are feeling sad.

• Taking some time out for you. Whether that be a walk, reading a book in peace or just a nice hot cup of Tea and a rest. Don’t feel guilty for taking that time – it’s needed.

• Try and include some gentle exercise within your routine – whether that be a gentle yoga session or something more strenuous – whatever works for you.

Jan 03, 2023

Hi Frances,

Thank you so much for your kind comments. Wishing you the best for 2023 and hope you had a good Christmas.


Sarah LBOJ
Jan 03, 2023

Wonderful to hear how you are feeling and that you are feeling ready to get back to your work and passion.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas 🎄 ❤


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