Create your own gift box is live!

Create your own gift box is live!

Great news... Our 'create your own gift box' is now live and available on our website! As a company we know how many people like to design their own gift box and believe it makes the gift even more thoughtful!

We currently have over 40 products available for you to choose from to create that perfect gift, from candles to sweet treats to stationery and much more. With more more products being added on a regular basis.

It's so easy to do and we have created this blog post to tell you how easy it is to use along with some tips from us on how to create that perfect gift.

Step 1 - Visit our create your own gift box page

Step 2 - Add a gift box to your basket and choose the perfect card for the occasion from our selection. Every card is handwritten by ourselves with your personal message. Plus, our handwriting is pretty neat, even if we do say so ourselves!! if you'd prefer to write the card yourself just leave this section blank and we'll include a blank card with the gift box.

Step 3 - Choose the gifts... Here at Little Box of Joy we recommend between 4 - 7 items per gift box. But if you are unsure about anything or would like some advice then please drop us a message, we love to hear from you.

Once you have created your very own masterpiece, just add to cart and leave the rest to us... We will package to perfection and send with love! Don't forget we can send the gift box to you or directly to the person it's intended for.. It's a gift so we don't include any invoices or receipts with the gift box.

Happy gifting and we love helping you to #spreadsomejoy

Any questions?? We would love to hear from you... Send us an email at


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