How to make gifting thoughtful....

How to make gifting thoughtful....

Are you a planner when it comes to gift buying or are you one of those people who leaves it to the very last minute and then grabs the first thing you find?? Hands up?? Here are some ideas we have put together to keep your gifting on point, fun, thoughtful and ahead of the game...

1. The Handwritten Note: This little gesture makes all the difference and turns that well thought out gift into something they really treasure... Whether you want to write a love letter or something that is short and sweet, the handwritten note makes it all that more meaningful.

2. Give with feeling: Don't just give for the sake of it. Sit back and take some time to think about the person you are buying for, what they really want, but would be unlikely to buy for themselves or something they actually need and will use... Things that are always a hit with me are a good book, stationery and a gorgeous smelling soy wax candle.

3. Presentation: This is something that can elevate even the smallest of gifts - size doesn't matter by the way. We take this very seriously at Little box of Joy as feel its all about the details and they matter. Our best advice would be to get creative... Don't spend loads but adding things like greenery, flowers or just a handmade gift tag really make a difference and will ensure your gift is more thoughtful than ever.. 

If you are struggling with the above and want to take the strain off, let us help.. This after all is what we are good at! You can find our current collection here.

Happy Gifting xx

Apr 30, 2019

Really interesting blog. I really like your gift boxes by the way.

Lucy James

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